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LE/EECS4700 A 
Digital Media Project
(Full Year 2018-2019)


Our installation will be open to the public. Anyone is free to walk in and participate. However, only two people can be in at the same time. Our project needs to be set up in a closed room, preferably with no light and should have somewhere to hang the projector. Our project is an indoor project to explore the interactions between people with people and people with media. That means it will not be affected by most external factors, can be exhibited at any time.

Our installation is a take on our reflection and how much control we have over it. When two people walk in, they see their reflections projected in the wall in front of them in the shape of silhouettes, i.e. it does whatever they do. They have full control. After a few minutes, the silhouettes aren't just their reflections anymore. Their silhouettes would be their previous movements, i.e. what they’ve been doing since they stepped into the room. So unlike at the first instance, they don’t have much control over this one. Later on, the silhouettes change again, this time, their reflections have switched places. So Participant A has control over Participant B’s reflection and vice versa. For our project, we would be using using the Kinect to record the input and a projector to display the output.

This work will reflect the relationship and interaction between people entering this room. Base on the relationship between the participants, their behavior in the room will different, that will affecting on their shadow/soul of the projector output. Those relationships are come from outside like colleagues, friends, strangers, peers, seniors, etc. I think that shadow being "controlled" by these different people will be different in every situation. For example, friends will have interesting interactions to make some fun, and strangers may be shyer and implicitly. Before people find their shadow movement rules and principles, creepy imagery can cause unease, because of the mismatch between a participants' expectations and observations. When people find themselves losing control of their shadows, they unconsciously begin to look for the reasons behind them, thus guiding people to think about the existence of their own and the impact of groups.



Group member
  • Found Processing libraries (Kinect4Windows & OpenKinect) that enable usage of Kinect data (video, depth, skeleton).

  • Built Processing demonstration to combine Kinect video and depth layers, paranormal visual theme.

  • Found research articles and art-related videos

Group member
  • Proposed the idea of ghost theme

  • Pro ghost effect on processing

  • Research ghost effect and motion capture artwork

  • Making that ghost effect working on Kinect

  • Interaction Diagram update

Group member
  • Looked for way for all our different software to communicate with each other

  • Found a Processing library (maxlink) that helps it communicate easily with Max and COLLADA module for Blender which helps to easily import animations to Max without losing textures

  • Working on a Max patch and built simple 3d models

Group member
  • Helped design idea for project

  • Made demo of visualization in Blender

  • Worked on connecting Blender to Kinect

  • Worked on Bender particles

  • Researched segment analysis

Time Line.



  • Kinect

  • Processing

  • Max 7

  • Blender

  • Maya